TALENT: Focus Is Back On Commanders As The Primary Training Managers For Their Units At Home Station.

To facilitate the knowledge and understanding of unit training management, the army training network, also known as ATN, provides a central, web-based portal to army training resources.
Those resources include training doctrine, how-to processes and many other training management resources. The site provides training videos about preparation, rehearsals, after-action reviews and other training subjects.

SME: The Army Training Network Provides You With The Tools And Resources To Dramatically Improve Training… whether your unit's a squad or a battalion. A-T-N gives you helpful tips to plan, prepare, execute and assess unit training. A-T-N will make your job easier, improve your soldiers' training and sharpen your leadership skills.

TALENT: To begin using the army training network get out your cac card and visit https://atn.army.mil/

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