LEGAZPI CITY, Philippines - The police of Albay Province trained alongside U.S. forces April 21-25 during a five-day seminar on first aid rescue techniques.The course is part of Exercise Balikatan, an annual bilateral training exercise and humanitarian assistance engagement between members of the Philippine and U.S. armed forces that focuses on improving interoperability and partnership. Training during the course included incident response, burn treatments and a variety of buddy carries. "Working with the local police is a privilege," said U.S. Army Sgt. Brandon Price, a civil affairs medic. "It's good to know the training we are conducting could help save lives someday." On the final day of the course, a practical application exam involving a simulated accident was held to test the knowledge the students gained throughout the course. The exam required students to be able to evaluate simulated victims, bandage their wounds and evacuate to a safe location for further treatment.The course gave the students and communities they serve additional confidence that they will be able to continue to respond to any situation in the future, according to Bicol police superintendent Jesus C. Maritez, a community relations chief."Now it is time for the students to go home and protect their provinces," said Martirez. "What they have learned here gives the community confidence in their police." Following the successful completion of the practical application, a graduation ceremony was held for the class, with each student receiving a certificate of completion for the course. "This training shows the determination of the students for a better community," said Michelle H. Morales, police noncommissioned officer at the Albay Police Provincial Office. "They are proud of the service that the training will allow them to provide their provinces."