Army War College Celebrates 106th Army Reserve Birthday

By Lt. Col. Lindan A. MoyaApril 25, 2014

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CARLISLE, Pa. (April 25, 2014) -- The 106th U.S. Army Reserve Birthday was celebrated by students, staff and faculty of the Army War College in Bliss Hall April 23.

Maj. Gen. Marcia Anderson, Deputy Chief Army Reserve was on hand to help celebrate, as well as meet current and future reserve component students. She stressed the importance of working together as a team and why the training and professionalism of reserve component Soldiers make them indistinguishable to the active component they fight with side by side.

Speaking about the financial benefit Army Reserve Soldiers bring to the local economy, Anderson discussed her enthusiasm for the Private Public Partnership Initiative, also known as P3i, which focuses on finding jobs for Army Reserve Soldiers.

"The biggest message I have for business is now that we are leaving Afghanistan obviously our operational tempo is going to slow. We can guarantee that they are going to have a Soldier who is going to be here, they aren't going to be deployed," said Anderson.

Businesses are getting trained employees who are drug free, have access to educational benefits, and affordable healthcare for themselves and their families. These Soldiers bring many benefits and advantages to the companies who hire them.

"A lot of things we teach our Soldiers, employers would have to pay a lot of money to teach, like leadership," said Anderson.

Anderson went on to point out that Army Reserve sergeants are responsible for people and equipment, to include the physical and mental well-being of their subordinates, this type of experience and responsibility is much greater than employers typically expect from new hires.

"It's a win-win for employers," said Anderson.

In Pennsylvania the total economic impact of Army Reserve Soldiers is estimated to be $231,271,298, with a total of 8,744 Soldiers with 86 Army Reserve facilities in the state.

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