CAMP ZAMA, Japan (April 22, 2014) -- "Keep our Earth clean" was the theme during the "Earth Day Celebration" event, held at Arnn Elementary School on April 23 inside the Arnn cafeteria, here.

Arnn students participated in an annual art competition to come up with a theme for Earth Day and to draw a picture which represents their selected theme.

Command Sgt. Maj. Katrina M. Najee, command sergeant major of U.S. Army Garrison Japan, was among the special guests to recognize Rachel Nay, a sixth-grader, with honors for winning this year's Earth Day art competition.

Nay was presented with a T-shirt and a shopping tote bag which depicted her drawing of a hand holding the "green city" on the front.

"'Green Cities' is powered by green energy," said Nay.

Nay's drawing was chosen from among a selection of Arnn students to represent the theme for Earth Day 2014. All of the students received a tote bag to take home after the celebration.

Sidney Malone, chief of the mechanical sanitation branch for Camp Zama's Department of Public Works, said Earth Day was started because people are not maintaining and keeping the care of "Mother Earth." Malone said the Earth will eventually to lose all of its natural resources.

"The best way to celebrate Earth Day is to teach our children how to be better stewards for the Earth, than we were in the past," Malone said.

"Earth Day reminds us to recycle and to keep the Earth clean," said Nay.

After the presentation of awards, the "Arnn Machine Team" sang several songs described how to keep the Earth clean.

"Arnn has an awesome singing group," said Malone.

"The students sang their lungs out, and made me want to go and do the three R's!"

"Reduce, reuse and recycle."