More than $2 million that's how much it would cost Fort Leonard Wood to pay for all services provided by community volunteers.

Those volunteers were honored and a symbolic check for $2,193,395, representing 95,000 volunteer hours, was presented to Maj. Gen. Leslie Smith, Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood commanding general, MSCoE Command Sgt. Maj. Terrance Murphy and Leonard Housley, deputy garrison commander, during the Installation Volunteer Corps Recognition Awards Ceremony April 9 at the Pershing Community Center.

Rhonda Hutsell, Volunteer Corps coordinator, said volunteers are vital to sustaining the mission at Fort Leonard Wood.

"Volunteerism stabilizes our installation and community by contributing to the community's cohesion, increasing self-reliance and enhancing the resiliency of our military personnel and their Families. (We rely) on volunteers to help support many programs which contribute to the wellbeing of our military personnel, retirees, our Families and our civilians," Hutsell said.

Members of the installation leadership used the ceremony as an opportunity to praise the numerous volunteers on Fort Leonard Wood.

Housley addressed the volunteers and thanked them for their service to the community.

"When I volunteer, I do not remember the certificates and the things that were given to me, but what I do remember are those experiences gained and those life lessons from being a volunteer," Housley said.

Smith said volunteers are what make Fort Leonard Wood so special.

"It's because of the volunteers that serve," Smith said.

"They don't worry about what your rank or station is in life, it's their concern about the development of our people."

Lindall Mostajo, retired banker and community volunteer, served as guest speaker for the event. She spoke about how leaders develop leaders and volunteers develop volunteers.

"What you have done inspires other people to volunteer. Continue to work hard, get something started, get people involved and let them become leaders and let them take your seat," Mostajo said.

The following is a list of volunteer honorees:

Presidential Service Awards

Young adult gold: Neil Albrecht. Sarah Pfeffer.

Bronze: Kevin Albrecht, Brenda Bates, Genevieve Bennett, Marie Bernarby, Anita Bevington, Eugene Blink, Edward Boulay, Gail Brickley, Ashley Brubaker, Tasha Carnahan, Eric Chu, Jeremy Collins, Barbara Counterman, Penelope Czerwinski, Jacqueline Elay, Beatrice Evans, Nicole Farmer, Tammy Fink, Mellissa Gaines, Paul Geddes, Illa Gomez, Teresa Grier, Damon Harris, Chris Hayes, Ramona Hernandez, Beth Holler, Doreen Harris, Theresa Jehle, Joly Vanessa, Leslie Kingery, Leanna Landreth, Eunju Lin, Susan Lowery, Berlyn Luikens, Jordan Malkoff, Carolyn McLain, Jesse Moore, Tina Morris, Todd Olson, Amber Perez, Judi Pfeffer, Stanley Porter, Alexandra Ramsey, Jason Robinson, Bruce Simpson, Aubreigh Smith, Alyssa Wiggins, Danny Woo, Zachary Wright and William Yates.

Silver: Luz Anderson, Wendi Blink, Debra Bonner, Charles Cadenbach, Betty DuBose, Sandie Faulk, Stacy Garee, Jake Hoffman, Alyssa Hogerty, Casey Holley, Wayne Janda, Anneke Kirk, Chrissie Lance, Victorria Lunceford, Violet McNeirney, Krista Morrison, Ginger Sweeney, Paula Tackett and Jason Wilburn.

Gold: Harry Aspeotes, Susan Aspeotes, Nija Banks, Debbie Beach, Nadia Bishop, Elizabeth Clinton, Carol Collie, Joshua Cunio, Henry Edmond, LaDawnya Faulkner, Bryan Funyak, Laura Gaskins, Rachelle Hughes, Marsha Kammer, Mary Meyer, Christina Mitchell, Casey Morris, Jocelyn Morris, Jenny O'Rourke, Nicholette Redfern-Morgan, Ralph Reid, Kyrene Resel, Mary Roper, Misha Sampson, Patricia Shamburger, Orsolya Simmons, Sarah Simpson, William Smith, Marquaita Warren and Michelle Williams.

Lifetime: Mary Britton, Mildred Pace and Jenny O'Rourke.

Angel Award

Harald Bever, Nadia Bishop, Karen Borcherding, Mary Britton, Harold Burleson, Amanda Dubose, Tammy Fink, Stacy Garee, Kimberly Garner, Gail Huffman, Theresa Jehle, Richard Judd, Lawrence Keeton, Chrissie Lance, Victorria Lunceford, Jessica Mamac, Myeisha Randle, Katherine Rice, Joshua Shober, Karen R. Victor, Tomekia Vikhrov and Wendy Whynot.

International Student Sponsors

Virgie Mahan, Cheryl Nygaard, John and Lee Fensterer, Darrell and Kay York, Carl and Ann Kirk, Ron and Michele Simpson.

2013 Military Volunteer of the Year

Staff Sgt. Jason Hope.

2013 Retiree Volunteer of the Year

Violet McNierney.

2013 Civilian Volunteer of the Year

Katherine Rice.

2013 Family Volunteer of the Year

Ash and Allan Rivard.

2013 Youth Volunteer of the Year

Mickeala Yazzie.

Volunteer Week prize winners

Windi Blink, Robert Zellmann, Alyssa Hogerty, Christine Mitchell, Corlona Metcalf, Nadia Bishop, Gabriela Gallagher, Anita Bevington, Jason Robinson.