Over 100 military, civilian and contractor personnel representing the Office of the Provost Marshal General (OPMG) attended the OPMG Town Hall Meeting on 15 April 2014 hosted by MG David Quantock, U.S. Army Provost Marshal General, at the Pentagon Library and Conference Center, Room B6. This included personnel from the Biometrics Identity Management Agency from West Virginia who participated via video teleconference. It was MG Quantock's fourth Town Hall.MG Quantock opened the Town Hall by expressing appreciation for the efforts of the OPMG members, which is comprised of OPMG Headquarters Staff, Army Corrections Command, Criminal Investigation Command, and the Defense Forensics Biometrics Agency. "I read all of the weekly reports, each and every week; I am amazed at the hard work and initiative. We have a full plate," Quantock said.Downsizing of the Army One of the major points MQ Quantock discussed during the Town Hall was the impending cuts to Army Headquarters elements. "Although the Army is downsizing this organization has a bright future, just look at events like the Fort Hood shooting; we have been called upon to help the Army learn from the tragic event and to prevent something like that from happening again," Quantock said.Quantock presented a brief that displayed the results of a recent Command Climate Assessment. The brief compared the OPMG organization against results of all Services and the entire Army and revealed OPMG is doing very well in comparison. "Our results were 90% good; comments for the most part were excellent. These results were remarkably improved from the initial Command Climate Survey," he added.Improvements and implementing changes "Nothing goes as fast as I would like for it to go. I want to know what is wrong and how we are going to fix it," Quantock said. He announced Sergeant Major Dawn Rippelmeyer, OPMG Sergeant Major, is going to lead a series of small focus groups to examine communications and how to improve the organization.MG Quantock said that the OPMG organization will be receiving another Command Climate Survey within the next 6 months. In closing he echoed his earlier appreciation to all attendees for their hard work and challenged them to continue their efforts and dedication.