FORT STEWART, Ga. - Maintainers from Company A, 703rd Brigade Support Battalion, also known as the Maintain Battalion from 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, held a company truck rodeo, March 28, on Fort Stewart.

Capt. Alan Sawyer and 1st Sgt. David Joshua, the Company A command team, initiated the truck rodeo hoping it would spread motivation and a competitive spirit among the Maintainers, giving a chance for Soldiers to show off their skills and knowledge.

Sawyer said he's trying to bring back the "old school" truck rodeo to allow the Soldiers to see what a truck rodeo looks like.

The training also allowed senior noncommissioned officers who experienced this training in the past to pass down to their Soldiers.

"This [training] has kind of died off in the last decade of the war," Sawyer said. "Before the war started this was very big on garrison."

During the rodeo, three Soldiers were selected from each platoon to compete against each other. The first event was a written test on the Light Medium Tactical Vehicle and a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, also known as the Humvee. Once they finished the written test, they began a series of hands-on events.

Next, the Soldiers conducted a proper preventative maintenances checks and services, or PMCS, on the LMTV and the Humvee in accordance with the technical manual. Once a task was completed they would notify the judges, who scored their performance.

The following event was a series of road tests which consisted of the front line backing course, where the Soldiers drove the vehicle forward then backed-up the vehicle in a straight line; the barrier turn, where Soldiers made a turn as close to a barrier without touching it; and the serpentine, a difficult event which consisted of weaving through a pattern of cones forward and then the same exact pattern in reverse.

The final two events were dock parking, where they needed to backup into a docking port without hitting any cones, and parallel parking.

The drivers selected to compete were highly qualified and their skills behind the wheel were on display during the rodeo.

During the events, the judges deducted points from the total score if the vehicles touched the barriers or cones.

"The Soldiers were able to see the competition and how much fun it is," Sawyer added. He plans to have a truck rodeo every quarter, with new trucks and events.

Spc. Terryan Rodman, a motor transport operator with Company A, said he was very happy to be a part of the truck rodeo.

"I felt that I learned a lot from the experience that the truck rodeo provided for me," he added. "I'm excited for the next one to be held, so I can participate in that one as well."

After the truck rodeo, the Soldiers and their families gathered at the bowling alley where the winners were announced.

Spc. Jason Marske, came in first place, followed by Spc. Thomas Bachman, in second place and Spc. Terryan Rodman, in third.