Fort Knox, Ky. -- Twenty-five 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) soldiers were videotaped by the Fort Campbell United Service Organization, or USO, as they read children?'s books at Harris Hall, April 3. The Fort Campbell USO made videos for the soldiers?' families so they can be viewed by their children while they are deployed, as part of the USO ?"United Through Reading" program. Third Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) G1 Human Resources Non-commissioned officer, Sgt. Timothy Ramirez recorded himself reading to his two daughters, Jennifer, 5, and Alexis, 2. His wife, Lissa, said she was very appreciative of the USO?'s efforts. ?"One of the things the girls will miss about their papa is how he reads to them at bedtime, and the way only he can read silly books. During the last few deployments we used recordable books, but this will let them see him and have the familiar comfort of him reading to them." Third Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Retrograde, Reset, Redeployment and Redistribution and Disposal, or R4D Officer, Capt. Ryan Steuer, read for his nine-month-old daughter, Delaney. ?"I did one of these programs before, when I was gone for two weeks for an over-the shoulder mission, and she definitely knew it was me. I guess the important thing is she gets to see me and hear my voice." Col. Mendel Waddell didn?'t read a book for his daughter, instead taking the opportunity to record a message for Kasey Jo, a senior at Central Hardin High School. ?"I?'m going to miss her graduation, so I just left her a little message, just to tell I?'m proud of her and everything she does as she gets her diploma." USO Fort Campbell Programs Manager, Kelli Pendleton said she is happy to be part of the first Fort Campbell USO trip to Fort Knox, for a United Through Reading DVD Taping. ?"It?'s such a great opportunity to bring families closer together when they are literally halfway around the world from each other. As 3d ESC deploys we definitely want to do whatever we can to make it a little easier on their families and children."