SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - The U.S. Army is going through a period of transition. Troop numbers, funds, and promotions are reducing and the Army needs to makes sure it is keeping their best and brightest to continue its legacy of excellence.

Enter Army career counselors and retention noncommissioned officers. These Soldiers are the frontline for the future of the Army, said Master Sgt. Jonathan Blue, the senior retention operations NCO for the 8th Theater Sustainment Command. And keeping up with the ever-changing regulations regarding retention and the Army's needs are imperative to keeping the Army a top-notch organization.

For these reasons nearly 140 Soldiers from commands across Hawaii and Japan graduated from the annual United States Army Pacific Command's Mobile Retention Training Team training, April 4, hosted by the 8th TSC at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

"The Army is always changing," said Blue. "When we were trying to grow the Army during the surge, we put more emphasis on certain aspects of Soldiers' lives and careers than we do today. It's important to have people up to speed on the latest and greatest in regards to retention, because these NCOs are the liaisons between the commander and the command career counselors."

He added that it is the job of these NCOs to provide information to the commander, counsel Soldiers, maintain records, and provide career development advice.

Command Sgt. Maj. Nathan Hunt, the senior enlisted adviser for the 8th TSC, spoke to the graduating Soldiers on the importance of their role in the future of the Army.

"As the Army right-sizes itself, it's becoming increasingly important that we keep the right personnel in our ranks," Hunt said. "Thanks to efforts of everyone graduating today, I know that the Army is going to be in good hands for future generations."