The U.S. Army Defense Ammunition Center located in McAlester, Okla. offers unique ammunition-related services; one of those services is the availability of subject matter experts who provide answers to technical questions related to the radiographic inspection of ammunition or ammunition related items.

Currently, DAC has two Level III radiographers, Bruce Ramm, certified in 2002 and Don Kisling, certified in 2008. The availability of two Level III radiographers in one organization is very impressive, considering that there are no more than five individuals in AMC/JMC that are Level III Certified to the U. S. Department of Defense approved National Aerospace Standard (NAS 410).

"DAC continually strives to meet and exceed customer expectations and with the availability of two Level III certified radiographers, DAC can excel in providing this service to current and new customers, said Gary Carney, DAC Director."

To qualify for the Level III certification process, candidates must have the skills and knowledge to interpret codes, standards, and other contractual documents that control the non-destructive testing method(s) as used by the employer.

They must be capable of assuming technical responsibility for the NDT facility and staff, selecting the method and technique for a specific inspection, and preparing and verifying the adequacy of procedures and work instructions. They must also be able to approve NDT procedures and work instructions for technical adequacy and the capability to provide or direct training, examination, and certification of personnel.

Also, as part of the certification process, individuals must possess the ability to conduct NDT for the acceptance of parts and document the results if a demonstration of proficiency if this ability was included in the practical examination. Plus, individuals when required must be capable of auditing outside agencies to ensure that the requirements of the written practice are met.

To be certified as a Level III Radiographer an individual must first complete at least 80 hours of formal training in radiography and 1,600 hours of experience as a Level I and II. Following this experience the individual must have an additional one to four years (depending on college degree) of hands on work in radiography. Final Level III Certification is then granted upon successful completion of a general, specific and practical examination.

To contact the Engineering Directorate for radiographic expertise please call 918-420-8978 or DSN 956-8978.