ANSBACH, Germany (April 9, 2014) -- The auxiliary bishop for the European and Asian Vicariates met with active-duty and contracted priests serving the U.S. Army throughout Germany during an April 7 visit to Katterbach for the quarterly Clergy Day meeting to discuss Soldier and Family spiritual readiness and resilience.

Bishop F. Richard Spencer, who is based in Weisbaden, Germany, has the responsibility of providing pastoral ministries spiritual services and is the sole endorser of Roman Catholic chaplains to the U.S. government in Europe and Asia. This includes the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force in more than 134 countries from the Azores Islands to Japan.

Evelyn Hegendoerfer and Melissa Muñoz, the Catholic Parish coordinators for Storck Barracks and Katterbach Kaserne, along with Tara Duplessie and Meredith Greene, the religious coordinators for Storck Barracks and Katterbach, greeted the bishop. The bishop and the Clergy Day attendees were treated to a breakfast buffet.

The attending priests were active-duty Soldiers, with the exception of two who serve in the communities of Baumholder and Landstuhl as contracted priests until active-duty priests can be assigned to those communities.

The event's guest speaker, Father Thomas Gricoski, was specially invited by the bishop to attend this Clergy Day. Gricoski, a Benedictine monk, presided over Clergy Day by discussing his experiences in Veterans Affairs hospitals and the importance of helping veterans and service members with post-traumatic stress disorder. Gricoski also conducted the sacrament of the Eucharist for the USAG Ansbach community at Katterbach Chapel following Clergy Day.