On April 22, the United States Army joins the Nation in celebrating Earth Day. Army
Earth Day provides us an opportunity to renew our commitment to stewardship of the
environment and the lands where our Soldiers, Families and Civilians train, live and work.

Army Earth Day aims to inspire awareness and appreciation of the environment. As
a leader among Federal agencies, the Army takes great pride in it its commitment to the
environment. The Army Acknowledges the Past by restoring Army lands and preserving
cultural and historical resources, Engages the Present by meeting today's environmental
standards enabling Army operations and protecting Soldiers, Families and Civilians and
Charts the Future by using best practices and new technologies to ensure future
environmental resiliency.

The Army faces challenges today that require us to look for more innovative and
efficient ways to support the mission and the environment. We value our partnerships with
conservation organizations that contribute to responsible stewardship of installation natural
resources. We continue to harness more energy from alternative sources, and improve
efficiencies in energy, water and waste for the benefit of our current and future force.
Army efforts to reduce, repurpose, recycle and recover energy in our operations and daily
lives are among the best practices implemented at military insta llations. The Army
continues to look for ways to reduce environmental impacts and ensure the individual
readiness and resiliency of our Soldiers.

As we commemorate Army Earth Day 2014, we encourage everyone to take an
active role in sustain ing the Earth's resources. Learn more about the Army's
environmental initiatives and take advantage of the many opportunities to make a
difference on your installation. Join us in our commitment to preserve a quality
environment, secure the future for generations and remain The Strength of the Nation.

Army Green is Army Strong!