Given the persistent threat of terrorism, the Army's antiterrorism efforts must remain proactive and the entire Army community must remain vigilant. Therefore the Army's antiterrorism theme for the third quarter of fiscal year 2014 (3Q/FY14), which runs from April through June, is Antiterrorism Synchronization.

Synchronization is defined by the Joint Pub 2.0, Joint Intelligence, as the arrangement of military actions in time, space, and purpose to produce maximum relative combat power at a decisive place and time.

From an antiterrorism perspective, maximizing relative combat power equates to the application of available resources that, when taken together, aim to prevent a terrorist attack and effectively respond if necessary. An antiterrorism plan is the physical outcome of this synchronization. Synchronization occurs across the antiterrorism community at all levels of command, at all locations, and across the full range of military operations.

The Antiterrorism Enterprise Portal (ATEP) contains extensive products and resources for antiterrorism awareness including the most recent products supporting the 3Q/FY14 theme: Antiterrorism Synchronization Paper, Threat Information Synchronization Paper and Awareness Information for Commanders and Family Readiness Groups Booklet.

The 4Q/FY14 antiterrorism theme is Organization and Individual Protective Measures. In addition, the senior Army leadership has declared August 2014 as the fifth annual Antiterrorism Awareness Month. Awareness products supporting these key focus areas will be developed by June 1, 2014, and posted to ATEP for use at the installation, standalone facility, and unit level.