The pace of operations since September 11th has caused a growing number of our Active and Reserve Component leaders to not complete the Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) courses necessary to sustain our Army's operational capability and strategic depth.

The Army has adapted NCOES to the needs of an expeditionary Army at war. We have revised course standards to reflect the realities of Soldiers returning after a year or more of operational deployments. We have realigned course dates and reduced course lengths to accommodate compressed training windows and have established more training to be conducted by mobile training teams and distributed learning which will allow returning Soldiers to remain at home station with their Families. We have also established the ARFORGEN Reset/Train Assistance Team to assist units in scheduling Soldiers for schooling. Units must respond by conscientiously looking at the educational needs of their Soldiers, releasing their Soldiers to attend schools, and by maximizing the use of available mobile training teams. NCOES remains an important and integral aspect of leader development. In order to sustain the quality Army we need for the future, we must continue to invest in developing our leaders now.

I ask for your continued support to ensure our Army remains as Strong as it has always been.

Army Strong! HOOAH!