YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea (April 2, 2014) -- The Eighth Army command sergeant major initiated a program to strengthen small unit tactics training for American Soldiers in South Korea.

Eighth Army Command Sgt. Maj. Ray Devens said the "Big 4" program focuses on sharpening skills to ensure Eighth Army Soldiers are ready to prevail in unified land operations and wide area security missions.

Designed for classroom and tactical training, the Big 4 covers marksmanship, fire and movement, trauma care and warrior physical readiness training.

A seasoned U.S. Army Ranger and combat veteran who deployed to Grenada, Somalia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, Devens served as the senior enlisted adviser for the Asymmetric Warfare Group and 25th Infantry Division.

During his time as the senior enlisted leader for the Schofield Barracks, Hawaii-based 25th Infantry Division, Devens helped to re-establish a Jungle Operations Training Center.

The Cape Coral, Fla., native said the Big 4 program will keep Soldiers in South Korea ready for any crisis, contingency or conflict.

"This program is designed for all Eighth Army Soldiers, regardless of their military occupational specialty," said Devens. "Every one of our Soldiers serves a short distance from the world's most heavily armed border and they must be ready."

"By focusing on the Big 4, our Soldiers will stay ready to close with and defeat any hostile enemy contact," said Devens. "Eighth Army is strong and getting stronger every day."

For more information on the Big 4 program, go to http://8tharmy.korea.army.mil/Big4.asp