HINESVILLE, Ga. - Students enrolled in the Brunswick High School Navy Junior Reserves Officer Training Course, or NJROTC, took a field trip to visit Fort Stewart and speak with Soldiers of the 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, about their experiences in the military, March 26.

This field trip was the first opportunity for many of the cadets to see firsthand what the military does on a day to day basis.
The junior cadets were introduced to various weapons systems, went through simulated training, and ate in a military dining facility.
Amber Miller, one of the cadets visiting the installation, said she learned how the Mustang soldiers are trained first on their weapons and duties before conducting missions.

The day kicked off with a mission where the cadets had to convoy between bases in a virtual simulator. It wasn't an easy task as they had to avoid the improvised explosive devices planted along the route, and dodge mortars rapidly being pitched at them.

During the chaos, they also had to avoid crashing their vehicles and keep communication open. This was the first time that many of them had driven anything, or have even seen a military vehicle. The youngest amongst them was just 14.

"The simulators were my favorite part," said Miller. "I really liked that they were hands on."

"It made we realize that while deployment is dangerous, they don't go out there unprepared. They are really well trained," she added.
After the mission was complete, the cadets traveled to the Vanguard Compound where they were introduced to various weapons systems and given the opportunity to take pictures.

"They seemed like they really look up to us and that was something nice, to have a kid want to possibly join the military or even the Army," said Spc. Steven Werner, a cavalry scout with 6-8 Cav., and a Cottage Grove, Minn. native.

After lunch and a class picture at the Vanguard Dining facility, students clamored back onto the bus.

They had just one more trip to make before heading home for the day.

On the fields of Warriors Walk, the cadets were told the stories of the selfless and brave Dog Face soldiers who are memorialized there.