FORT EUSTIS, Va. -- U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command welcomed its newest deputy commanding general and chief of staff as Lt. Gen. Kevin W. Mangum assumed responsibility from Lt. Gen. David D. Halverson during a ceremony at Wylie Theater here March 28.

Halverson, who served as TRADOC's deputy commanding general for 22 months, was selected to serve as the next commanding general of U.S. Army Installation Management Command.

During the ceremony, Gen. David G. Perkins, commanding general of TRADOC and ceremony host, said the Army is an organization of institutions where the values and duties remain with the institution rather than the personalities within each institution.

Perkins added, however, that the personalities make the institution what it is, thanking the outgoing deputy commanding general and his wife for their contributions to the command and the Army.

"Dave and Karen -- thank you for your many years of being servant-leaders, having a solution already in hand, and thanks for saying 'I'll continue to do this some more.'"

And just as the commanding general thanked the Halversons for their continued service, he also highlighted the Mangums' history of innovation and dedication to the Army and its Soldiers.

"At this time in the Army -- especially within Training and Doctrine Command -- we're looking for folks who are going to innovate, who are going to come up with solutions and visions that are not yet resident in our Army," Perkins said.

"We need somebody who's then going to form the team, and then lead the team and make it come to fruition," Perkins said. "And that is what Kevin and Angel have done their entire career. They have looked out over the horizon -- they have been able to see what could be out there, and then have led those around them -- Soldiers, families and communities -- most recently down at Fort Rucker -- to make that vision a reality."

Mangum, who previously served as the commanding general of the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Rucker, Ala., said he was thrilled and humbled to be at TRADOC.

"Thanks to team TRADOC for all you do," Mangum said. "It really is amazing, and I learn more and more every day about the reach, the breadth and depth of this organization. You guys are amazing, and I'm proud to be on the team."