ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL -- (March 31, 2014) On Feb. 1, Col. Elmer Speights, Jr., Garrison Commander, approved Rock Island Arsenal Regulation 190-5, Rock Island Arsenal Traffic Regulation, to establish policies, rules, and procedures to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicles and personnel on Arsenal Island.The purpose of the changes are to promote a safe living and working environment at Arsenal Island and to bring Rock Island Arsenal in compliance with DoD and Army traffic management and enforcement regulations, which are commonly applied at military installations worldwide.The major changes from the previous RIAR 190-5 are the assessment of a points system for violations and to clarify the prohibition of the use of cellular telephones while operating a motor vehicle and headphones and/or other listening devices for walkers, runners/joggers, and bicyclists.Individuals, who accumulate 12 points in a 12-month period or 18 points within a 24-month period, may lose driving privileges on Arsenal Island. There is an appeals process and an administrative hearing process before a suspension of driving privileges. The points assessment will begin on April 14.Traffic enforcement is not new to Rock Island Arsenal; however, with growth within the Directorate of Emergency Services in the Police and Security Guard divisions, police officers are more readily available to perform traffic enforcement duties.The regulation can be found on the Rock Island Arsenal Intranet homepage, under the information block and then Garrison policies. The Installation Traffic Code, RIAR 190-5, can be found at the following link: of contact for the Installation Traffic Code is the chief of police, Nick Seibert, at (309) 782-7177 or