FORT JACKSON, S.C. (March 27, 2014) -- Many health benefits for your bones, muscles, tendons and connective tissue are associated with weight training. However, for many of us, lifting weights can be a challenge. Proper lifting to prevent an injury should always be considered throughout your workout routine. If you are not familiar with weight lifting, you could tear or stress a muscle. This type of injury could halt your training before you could really get started.A great alternative to weight lifting is strength conditioning.What makes strength conditioning different is that it uses a variety of exercise tubes and your own body weight to reap the benefits of weight lifting without the stress and strain from heavy weights.I recommend strength conditioning to anyone that has wanted to weight train, but did not know how to get started. Strength conditioning will allow you to increase muscle strength, power and speed and helps you to change your appearance by creating fat loss, which ultimately changes the appearance of your muscles. It is also very easy to design a routine that focuses on your particular conditioning goals.Many people have seen exercise tubes in fitness classes and in bins and corners on gym floors. These exceptional pieces of equipment often go unused and underappreciated. This is due to the lack of knowledge people have regarding this type of training. A person can work their entire body with exercise tubes and his or her own body weight.The set up and initial investment in exercise tubes is easy and affordable. Discover the physically rewarding benefits of beginning a strength conditioning program, then check out Part Two next month for a complete strength conditioning workout routine.Prevent InjuriesStrength conditioning makes your bones, muscles, joints and connective tissue more resistant to acute injuries. Even better, continuously practicing strength conditioning could prevent the chronic aches and pains many live with day to day. Chronic pain associated typically with aging includes shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, etc. Of course, strength conditioning cannot guarantee freedom from pain, however, regular strength conditioning enhances muscle balance. This is because you are performing the same movement on both sides at the same time.Anti-Aging effectsAs we age, there is a decline in muscle mass and strength. This decline is what leads to chronic aches and pains. By doing a strength conditioning program at least two times a week, you can delay and even reverse the muscle mass and strength loss. People in their 70s and 80s are more fit then when in their 20s and 30s because of strength conditioning and weight bearing exercises. Strength conditioning can be done throughout your life. It does not have a life expectancy like some exercises such as running, racquet ball, etc.Better BonesAs we age, our bones lose their density. This makes them more brittle and susceptible to breaking. Strength conditioning is a great workout to combat bone density. This is also true of weight bearing exercises. By performing these styles of exercises, you give your bone a type of mineral nourishment that strengthens it and reverses the signs of your bone aging. Strength conditioning and weight bearing exercises are some of the best ways to slow or halt the normal loss of bone density we encounter from aging.Affordable and portableOnce you decide to begin a strength conditioning workout, your next step is investing in the proper exercise tubes. A variety of exercise tubes allow you to create a workout with various degrees of resistance. Remember, resistance cannot be measured. When you weight train you know you are lifting five pounds because the weight tells you. Resistance tubes increase their resistance as they are stretch. This is why you should have exercise tubes of different weights. As you stretch the tube you increase the resistance and strengthen your muscle and bone, but not bulk the muscle. Thinner, medium and heavy resistance tubes should be purchased and become a part of your new strength conditioning equipment.Many of these tubes range in price from $5 to $25. You could create a total body system for less than $100. Another popular feature of exercise tubes for strength conditioning is their portability. You can have an entire gym in a small bag that can go with you anywhere. If you travel, prefer working at home or use a private corner at your current gym, you can pull out your exercise tubes and take up almost no space.Ready to beginNow that you have learned the benefits of strength conditioning, the next step is to learn proper form and technique. This allows you to perform a workout routine that is safe, effective and perfect for you. Next month's article will focus on building your routine. If you have any questions, contact me at to help you get started.