OBERDACHSTETTEN, Germany (March 20, 2014) -- In teams of two, a Bavarian riot police unit spent a sunny, cold morning responding to mock incidents with varying scenarios at the site for Military Operations in Urban Terrain, or MOUT, at U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach's local training area recently.

"This is great training and a much appreciated opportunity here for our young policemen and women, who basically come straight out of the mandatory police training," said Michael Kern, chief inspector and operations chief.

Kern pointed out that, "training at an unfamiliar training site enables police officers to learn, step by step, how they should react to an unknown situation. It teaches them how to handle and conduct themselves in a situation that could potentially develop into a volatile situation. They learn how to handle unpredictable situations within all the legal restraints."

Police Officer Carolin Dürr confirmed that the training made herself and her teammate, "even more aware; it made us realize how important effective team coordination is."

An insignificant situation can turn unstable, if it is not handled properly by the team, Dürr said.

"In any case, expect the unexpected," said Police Officer Alexander Rausch, the exercise teammate of Dürr.

Sgt. First Class Richard J. Savage, military police officer and operations sergeant at the Directorate for Emergency Service, USAG Ansbach, arranged the training exercise for the riot police unit with his German counterpart Kern.

"Usually we train with our German partners, as often as we can," said Savage. "Today, it was the young police officers' turn."