Cameroon Defense Force soldiers are getting the opportunity to showcase skills previously learned from training with the U.S. military during Central Accord 14, a joint-aerial delivery training exercise in Central Africa.

Central Accord 14 is an annual U.S. Army Africa-led exercise bringing together U.S. Armed forces personnel with counterparts from militaries in Central Africa to promote working relations between forces.

Central Accord 14's focus is to conduct tactical and sustainment operations familiarization for a more secure Africa. The intent of the training was to provide safety classes for loading and unloading rotary wing helicopters.

U.S. Military personnel are also teaching the CDF classes that will foster professionalism and proficiency in the varying topics, one of which was pertaining to emergency medical evacuation procedures.

The U.S. is working in concert with Host Nation and Partner Nations to conduct familiarization in peacekeeping operations, humanitarian disaster response and combating terrorism for a stable and secure Africa.