FORT LEE, Va. (Mar. 16, 2014) -- Col. Steven W. Ainsworth assumed command of The 94th Training Division (FS), replacing Brig. Gen. Don. Cornett, Jr., during a Change of Command ceremony at Soldier's Field House.

Maj. Gen. Bill Gerety, commander 80th Training Command (TASS) administered the event which also served as Cornett's retirement ceremony ending 34 years of service to the Army.

Among the accolades Cornett received was the Distinguished Service Medal for his service to the country.

Cornett, who works as a plant manager with Procter & Gamble as a civilian, told the audience that the greatest opportunity the Army can bestow upon an individual is the opportunity to lead.

"Leadership sounds easy in the books but is difficult in real life," said Cornett, talking about his experience as a commander.

Ainsworth, a commercial banker in his civilian capacity, said command is an incredible responsibility that he does not take lightly.

"Our pursuit at the 94th is to continue to build a cohesive forward leaning division that operates on a proactive bases with the 80th, our higher headquarters, along with our constituents CASCOM (Combined Arms Support Command), TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command), and school components," said Ainsworth, former Chief of Staff, 87th Division, U.S. Army Reserve Support Command in Birmingham, Ala.

The 94th TD is one of the three divisions subordinate to the 80th TC, the third largest command organization in the U.S. Army Reserve. The other two divisions are 102d Training Division, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., and the 100th Training Division, Fort Knox, Ky.