HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The Army Materiel Command's top leader recognized investments in the nation's future Friday when he spoke to two organizations holding annual events in Huntsville.

Gen. Dennis L. Via, AMC's commanding general, addressed Boy Scouts and their leaders at the Talakto District Annual Whitney M. Young Annual Awards Banquet and also spoke to members of the
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority at the group's 82nd Annual South Eastern Region conference.

At both events, Via compared the Army values to each organization's laws and mottos.

Via said many who notice the large number of Boy Scouts who go on to serve in the armed forces may think it's because of the obvious commonalties. "We both wear a uniform, we both revere and salute the flag and we both spend a lot of time in the woods," Via said, joking that after spending so much time at the Pentagon, he was ready to go back to the woods.

"But the real answer is deeper and simpler," he said. "It goes to our shared values."
Via drew parallels between the Army values of leadership, duty, selfless service, honor and personal courage, to the Boy Scout law that describe a scout as trustworthy, loyal, courteous and kind among other attributes.

Similarly, Via compared the Army values to the Alpha Kappa Alpha's motto of "Service to all mankind."
"That certainly is larger the depth and breadth of such a motto shows how many different areas require services," Via said. The general made special mention of two of the sororities programs that focused on youth with the goal of impacting the lives of 10,000 young women.

When some people hear 'sorority,' they only think of college," Via said. "But service in a sorority or fraternal organization doesn't end with college graduation. It's just the beginning. Let me personally honor AKA's 260,000 members making a difference worldwide."