River Assault photo headlined 'Quit Active, Join Reserve' front page story on Army Times

Army Reserve Soldiers with the 411th Engineer Brigade were featured in a photo on the Army Time's front page story, 'Quit Active, Join Reserve'. Article highlights opportunities in the Army Reserve for Active Component Soldiers who are getting out and transitioning to civilian status. Released Feb. 17, the photo captures 'Brigade of Choice' Soldiers during training at River Assault near Fort Chaffee, Ark.

With 412th Theater Engineer Command as the Executive Agent, the annual training exercise provides the unique environment for Multi-Role Bridge, Mobility Augmentation, Route Clearance companies, as well as maneuver support forces to train in their technical kills.

The focus of Key Resolve is to develop and sustain Soldiers' technical skills, train Multi-Role Bridge Companies (MRBC), Mobility Augmentation Companies (MAC), and Route Clearance units capabilities to gain platoon proficiency in Standardized METL, affording units the ability to train and meet the individual, crew, squad and team training requirements per the Army Force Generation process.