Bamberg, GERMANY (12 March 2014) -- AAFES will consolidate the Main PX into the Shoppette effective March 17. Along with the service consolidation, AAFES announced the last day of operation for TKS and SIGA Mobile Center will be March 31.

Enterprise Car Rental services will cease on-post March 13, but will still be available for customers through the Aventi car dealer at Berliner Ring. AAFES also announced new hours of operation for Subway and the Beauty and Barber Shop. The last day of operation for the beauty shop is scheduled for May 31.

A complete list of all garrison services, their current and future hours of operations, and their projected closure date can be found on the garrison's website at

AAFES representatives will be available along with other garrison service representatives at a town hall meeting at Bamberg's former movie theater on March 19 at 4 p.m.

TKS contracts

According to AAFES, customers do not need to cancel their TKS contracts before March 31. If you PCS out of country, you must go to a TKS Shop with your orders and cancel the contract. You also have the opportunity to send your termination notice by e-mail to the Service Center. Submit your termination notice request 30 days (not more) ahead before the contract is supposed to get cancelled. Bills are sent to your e-mail address. Free received hardware will be prorated for a price for the remaining original contract period.

A move request to another location has to be done also at a TKS Shop or by e-mail to the Service Center. The closest shops are in Illesheim or Ansbach Urlas, but customers can choose any other on post location. TKS customers receive help at telephone 0180-4857762 (20 Euro cent per call), or the hotline at 0631-3522499 (service desk will offer to call back). Alternatively customers can go online and contact TKS through their website at

SIGA Mobile Center - Mobile Contracts

Contracts differ depending on the mobile company you have chosen. Contracts signed before 1 April 2013 can be terminated with orders effective at reporting/availability date any time. For contracts signed after 1 April 2013 following regulations takes effect:

Telekom and Vodafone service plans can be cancelled with orders. The request has to be sent minimum 100 days prior to scheduled departure date. Companies will bill you for the current month plus following 3 months. For example: If customers send a termination request by 15 April 2014, the contract will be cancelled effective 1 August 2014.

O2 and E-plus service plans can be cancelled with orders as well. Customers will pay a onetime buy out fee based on the phone value for the remaining time of contract (will be calculated based on the monthly fee for the phone times the remaining months left on contract). Also, the company will charge three months of the basic fee.

If the account with the provider has not been settled, they won't accept cancellation notice, according to an AAFES briefing. It's the customers' responsibility that all invoices have been paid.