SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii (March 7, 2014) -- March 1st, the Hui 'O Na Wahine hosted a Mock Dining In for the spouses, here, at the Nehelani.

The evening started off in a whirlwind of wonderful chaos as the Wahines decorated their tables.

The Hui Board's theme was "Gangster Gala," set in the Roarin' 20s. There were so many great themes represented: Fantasy Football, Outdoor Adventure, Romance Gone Sour, Totally 80s, The Real Undead Housewives of Hawaii, Vintage Army Wives, The Garden People (gnomes), Minions, Lawn Flamingos, Miss America Runner Ups, Red Riding Hood and the Wolfhounds, Prime Power Women, Mario Bros. Dance Company, Hui Mo Sta Chines, The View, and Rhinestone Cowgirls.

After all the tables were decorated and judged, the Wahines settled in for a night of fun with a "Call to Mess," invocation and traditional toasts -- with a rousing response for "to the spouses!"

"They Grog/Prohibition Punch" was created, and not long after that, groups were being "punished" for infractions on the Mess.

The judges were known as "The Mafia Family," and included "Mistresses of Ceremony," Kitty (Kate Fresh) and Zelda (Wendy Wright); "The Godfather," Marti Ragano; and "The Dons," Mary Choi, Leah Jones and Lisa McCaffery.

A beautiful buffet dinner was eaten and followed by "Spirit Performances."

The ladies prepared great acts of lip-syncing, dancing and skits, and concluded the evening with an awards ceremony, where "Golden Pineapples" were given out.

Best Table Decorations: Red Riding Hood and the Wolfhounds
Best Spirit Performance: The Real Undead Housewives
Best Costumes: Mario Bros.?' Dance Compan
Most Donations to the Fisher House: Hui Mo Sta Chine
Overall: The Real Undead Housewives

The Hui would love to thank everyone for the awesome participation in the Mock Dining In. It wouldn't have been as successful without vital participation.

If you'd like to see pictures of this event check out #huimdi2014.