The Army Contracting Command Virtual Contracting Enterprise has developed a new field reference guide designed to make it easier to complete and approve contract action reports.

"The main goal of the tool is to assist contracting professionals with completion of contract action reports," said Tyrone Worrell, procurement analyst, ACC VCE, Fort Dix, N.J. "The module provides section-by-section instructional videos to help the user get a better understanding of each field within the CAR to reduce inaccuracies during the completion/approval process."

Worrell said what makes this training tool different is that it also has additional resources including submit questions and answers, feedback feature, and acronym guide to help complete the CAR.

According to Worrell, attendees at a 2010 conference expressed a need for an eLearning module related to the CAR form and how a better understanding of the form and the process will help to reduce common problems and inaccuracies.

"Accurate CAR data is crucial as the information is subsequently used in recurring and special reports to the president, Congress, the Government Accountability Office, federal executive agencies and the general public," Worrell said.

"As a result, we developed the guide with the intent to increase the user's level of understanding of the individual CAR fields," he said.

This application is available to all Department of Defense contracting professionals with a common access card at