FORT BENNING, Ga., (March 5, 2014) -- The Springer has produced the most elaborate and expensive show, in not only the history of the State Theatre of Georgia, but also in the history of Columbus.

Les Misérables, the world's longest-running musical, opens for a limited Columbus run.

"Les Misérables is the show more people have asked us to produce," said producing artistic director Paul Pierce. "We've tried for years to get the rights to this fantastic musical, and when it looked like we could get it, I jumped at the chance."

In fact, the negotiations for Les Misérables included the contractual stipulation that the Springer couldn't announce its production when the theater announced last February the plays it would be doing this season. So the theater was selling season tickets for several months with an unnamed musical running at this time.

Finally, in late spring the Springer was given permission to announce that the unnamed blockbuster musical would be Les Misérables.

"We were selling season tickets faster than ever before. I think lots of those early season tickets sales were from people who guessed that Les Misérables was a musical that would be such a big deal," Pierce said. "And after it was announced ticket sales shoot up even more. We've never sold tickets this fast or this early before. If you want to see it, get them now before it sells out."

Les Misérables is the adaptation of the well-loved novel by Victor Hugo about passion and destruction in 19th century France. Caught up in the grip of revolution, escaped convict Jean Valjean struggles to keep his vow to the orphan Cosette while keeping out of the relentless pursuit of the policeman Javert.

NOTE: Although OMG and LOL may be old hat today, the publication of the first English translation of Les Misérables may have been the occasion of the first text message. Nervous about how sales of the translation were going, Hugo telegraphed his English publishers a one character query: "?" They replied: "!"

The book was not only popular in France, it was a hit all over the world. The musical version of Les Misérables has been an even bigger hit.

The musical has run for over 25 years in London and ran for over 16 years on Broadway.

After Les Misérables closed on Broadway in 2003, it had a successful revival in 2006 that was supposed to be a limited run but that was extended to two years.

A new revival is scheduled to open on Broadway this March.

Les Misérables runs at 7:30 p.m., Fridays-Saturdays on March 6-8, March 13-15 and at 2:30 p.m. March 9.

For tickets or more information call the Springer Box Office at 706-327-3688 or visit