ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. -- Larry M. Muzzelo, director of the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command's Software Engineering Center, was recognized as being a new member of the Senior Executive Service Feb. 25, at the Top of the Bay on the installation during a promotion ceremony hosted by Gary Martin, CECOM's Deputy to the Commanding General.

Martin began the ceremony with congratulatory remarks as he outlined Muzzelo's career achievements, giving personal accounts of working with him at past assignments. He spoke of the challenging operational environment of declining resources and his confidence that Muzzelo will meet the intense software needs of the Army now and in the future.

"I can't think of a better individual than Larry to lead our Software Engineering Center through these challenging times," said Martin. "His determination and willingness to tackle complex problems and see them through resolution has been the hallmark of his career." He goes on to say how Muzzelo has already made an impact since he arrived last summer and has "been a significant factor in positioning the command to take the software center where it needs to be in the future."

Martin administered the Senior Executive Service oath of office to Muzzelo, followed by a presentation of a plaque signed by the Honorable John McHugh, Secretary of the Army, and congratulatory letter signed by Gen. Dennis L. Via, Army Materiel Command Commanding General. His promotion effective date was Jan. 12, confirming Muzzelo as a member of the Senior Executive Service, Department of the Army.

During the ceremony, Muzzelo's wife, Helen, had the honor of pinning her husband with the SES pin, identifying him as a member of the Senior Executive Service. Muzzelo was accompanied by his two daughters, Christine and Rachel; his son, Benjamin; and parents Gary and Sandra; all of whom were present to show their love, appreciation and support to Muzzelo. His daughter, Christine, along with Command Sgt. Maj. Kennis Dent, CECOM's command sergeant major, uncased the SES flag to symbolize Muzzelo's increased responsibilities as a member of the Senior Executive Service.

Muzzelo's experience spans the entirety of the acquisition life cycle process, starting his career at CECOM upon graduation from college. Serving in a leadership role, then spent time in the research and development arena followed by working in the Program Manager community. Prior to his position at SEC, Muzzelo was assigned at RDECOM Headquarters with the mission of integrating the engineering activity across the command.

"His breadth of experience and technical competence, program management expertise, business acumen, and ability to reach out and establish partnerships with key stakeholders, really is what makes him the quality candidate he is and why he was selected for the Senior Executive Service, and very specifically for the position he is being promoted to," said Martin. "He's going to bring a level of tenacity and focus to ensure that the SEC is best postured to meet the challenges of the future," said Martin.

Muzzelo stood humbly in front of his parents, wife and children as he gave his remarks, citing that this ceremony was the first time in approximately 40 years that he has given a speech in front of his parents. He shared his path to success, recalling his different projects, challenges and successes over the years. He expressed the importance of change, a lesson his Dad and his life experiences, taught him.

"You need change to progress, grown and learn," said Muzzelo in front of a room full of supporters. "Success at work is not about your individual accomplishments, but what you do as a team. Together so much more can be accomplished than working in isolation."

Muzzelo looks forward to his leadership role at SEC and credits a shared vision and positive relationships to his accomplishments as he believes no job is done alone. He reflected on his time as a program manager and summarized his lessons learned about the boundaries of the program.

He took time to share stories of his years spent working for mentors along the way, and shared how he learned that with a "shared vision, positive working relationships and a clear set of goals will lead you to success," Muzzelo said. In his new role, Muzzelo will lead the way to transition the Army's systems to sustainment and ensure the readiness of the Army's software driven systems.

"My experiences within the C4ISR community, both on the PEO and R&D side, provide me with a unique perspective within the sustainment community that I intend to use to improve our partnerships at APG as we collaboratively perform the C4ISR mission the Army has given to us," said Muzzelo.

"I hope that I'm found to be a good practitioner of leadership and I can lead the SEC not by words, but by attitude and action," said Muzzelo.