FORT BENNING, Ga., (March 5, 2014) -- The following addresses and/or establishments in Columbus have been placed off-limits to all military personnel within the Fort Benning area, to include: Fort Benning; Warner Robins Air Logistics Force Base; the U.S. Naval Reserve Center, Columbus; Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Ala.; and the Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, Ga., by the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board:

Off-Limits Locations:

(1) Capital Consortium Group, Inc. (Registered in South Carolina)
(2) 3 Hebrew Boys, L.L.C. (Registered in South Carolina)
(3) Majestic Club, (Previously known as the VS Lounge), 2102 Cusseta Road, Columbus
(4) American Fidelity National Life Insurance Company, PO Box 25523, Oklahoma City, OK 73215
(5) 13th Street Bridge. Waters and banks of the Chattahoochee River for a distance of 1-mile above and below the 13th Street Bridge between Columbus, Georgia, and Phenix City, Alabama, are designated off-limits for recreational activities, including fishing, wading, and swimming. This off-limits designation does not prevent use of the River Walk or adjoining streets and sidewalks but expressly prohibits fishing, wading, and swimming in the river, or walking on rocks in the river or along the river's banks. Commercial White Water activities surrounding the 13th Street bridge may be utilized provided it's a guided trip conducted by an approved and licensed outfitter/guide. Military personnel are required to wear approved life preservers or flotation devices during all white water activities. Viewing of the white water course is also permissible from "Wave Island" and the bridge. Military personnel may continue to fish in this area from powerboats, provided the individuals wear approved life preservers or floatation devices.
(6) ABLE 2 STOR Self Storage, 4497 Victory Drive, Columbus
(7) T & T Cigar and Food, 2905 Warm Springs Road, Columbus