The U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center launched the annual Army Safe Spring Campaign online March 1, providing leaders and Soldiers easy access to seasonal safety materials.

The spring campaign, along with its counterparts for autumn, winter and summer, are designed to augment safety programs already in place in formations throughout the Army.

"Our goal is to help leaders and safety professionals develop the most robust safety programs possible," said Brig. Gen. Timothy J. Edens, director of Army Safety and commanding general, USACR/Safety Center. "This campaign helps them maximize their time and reinforce safety messages unique to their formations."

Edens said this year's campaign topics, many of which emphasize private motor vehicle safety, correspond with the factors most often seen in accident reports during the March-May time frame.

"Now is when we'll see the beginning of the uptick in PMV accidents," he said. "The weather is nice, and more Soldiers are traveling than in the previous months. Those who ride are also bringing their motorcycles out of storage after the winter hiatus."

Edens said early planning could reap large rewards later in the year, especially during the critical days of summer.

"Getting these messages out now reminds Soldiers of the risks before they have a chance to encounter them," he said. "It's a proactive way to ensure safety doesn?t get lost in the rush to enjoy their off-duty time."

Command Sgt. Maj. Leeford C. Cain agreed, adding that leaders should set the standard for their Soldiers.

"Leaders have a personal responsibility to be a positive role model," he said. "They should live safety, not just talk about it."

The complete campaign will be available at through May 23.