CAMP HUMPHREYS -- In celebration of Humphreys Central Elementary School having been open for 100 days, the students and faculty participated in a "100 Days of School" event Feb. 12.

After a morning assembly in the cafeteria, students from kindergarten through third grade, along with their teachers, had special activities to celebrate the day. Each class did different activities that were related to the number 100.

All students in the school helped with the celebration by creating outlines of their footprints, which were spread throughout the school creating a "path of numbers." The students cut their footprints out and taped them to the first floor passage way in the school.

First grade students celebrated by doing a rotation of activities that focused on the number 100. For instance, the students created posters of 100th Day by using 100 items of their choice. In one class, students used 100 toothpicks and marshmallows as connectors to create a poster.

"Celebrating the 100th Day of school is a great way for elementary teachers to celebrate and reinforce the many mathematical concepts that can be taught by using the number 100, all while celebrating a very important milestone in the school year," said Cody Rozier, a school math support specialist. "It is yet another way for students to get excited about mathematics."

The second and third graders also created snacks and a collage by using the number 100. They had to count 10 pieces of 10 different snacks. After that, they shared their collections of 100 things.

"Doing mathematical play was the most interesting and it was nice to have great time with my friends," said Christopher Hall, a student in Mary Bade's class. "Doing these types of activities with my classmates is fun."

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