U.S. Army Garrison - Detroit Arsenal, Mich. -- High praise is on the agenda at The U.S. Army Garrison -- Detroit Arsenal Child, Youth and School Services. The CYSS Parent Advisory Council Board has established a "Shout-Out Board" quarterly recognition.

The shout out board is part of the CYSS staff recognition program and was started as a way post notes from parents regarding quality and care provided by CYSS staff. Now the parents are using the notes to recognize staff quarterly.

Each quarter parents, management, staff, and anyone who has had a positive experience with CYSS can post a note on the shout out board to recognize someone providing exceptional service or to thank them for a job well done. At the end of the quarter the PAC chooses a classroom or staff based on the shout outs and presents them with a card and a token of appreciation.

Nancy Mitchell, CYS Coordinator for the Child Development Centers at the Detroit Arsenal (DTA) and Bryant Child Development Center at Selfridge ANGB Base (SANGB) proudly proclaimed at "this is the beginning of an AWESOME tradition started as the PAC will recognize CYS Staff for their outstanding Customer Service."

The CYSS CDC front office staff, Amanda Campbell, Jessica Fuller, Lisa Miller and Jodie Cloyd received the first quarter recognition. Heather Molitoris and Valerie Brumm, PAC Board members, presented Bryant CDC and DTA CDC front desk staff with a gift card and a thank you card on behalf of all PAC members.

Jamie Palmer of CYS Outreach services added ?"that the parent advisory board established this quarterly recognition and all areas at both Child Development Centers will be recognized."

"When parents say 'We are very proud of Nancy and her CYS team", we know they are providing top notch customer service and I hear parents praise them for knowing every Child's name said Denise Ellis-Goyke, Director, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, USAG-DTA.

?"The front office staff often provides the first line communication to parents via notification of health alerts, CDC policy during ?"Government Shut down" or even monitoring personnel entering and exiting the CDC to ensure a safe environment for our children. They greet our children by name each day providing a friendly atmosphere. These recipients have a can do attitude. They are able to find answers to the most difficult questions from parents and convey that information efficiently." said Heather Molitoris, CYSS PAC Board.

?"There was wonderful glow in the administrative staff from those who received very kind words and a personal thank you cards" said Ellis-Goyke.

Those interested in writing a positive note for a CYSS staff member or program may do so and submit it to the CYSS PAC board or stop by the CDC located at Selfridge or Detroit Arsenal and post it on the shout out board!!