LAS CRUCES, N.M. -- Soldiers from 3rd Battalion, 360th Regiment, Task Force Rough Rider, 5th Armored Brigade, participated in the inaugural Race for Care 5K here Feb. 16, with one Soldier finishing with the overall first place trophy.Maj. Erik Dye, executive officer of 3rd Battalion, 360th Regiment grabbed first place overall, while TF Rough Rider Observer-Coach/Trainers Master Sgt. Bret Sieverts, Sgt. 1st Class Jesse Galvan, and Sgt. Nicholas Savas earned medals in their respective age groups."It is just a small way we could show our support for the cancer patients and their families," Sgt. 1st Class Shahand Alavian, TF Rough Rider O-C/T, said after completing the 5K race.The mission of the Cancer Aid Resource and Education organization is to support cancer patients and their families throughout Dona Ana County."It is good that we know that the donations that we give are being spent locally," said Sieverts. "I think that gives a little more peace of mind knowing that it is a legitimate fundraiser and that it will help our neighbors rather than being funneled to communities throughout the country or even just finding its way in somebody's pocket."Through the Race for Care 5K, Soldiers of TF Rough Rider were able to contribute to the local community, but at the same time strengthen the cohesive bond of the battalion.Sponsored by CARE, the race was dedicated to the memory of Emilio Rigales Sr. Donations collected through race admissions and sponsorships will be used to support local cancer outreach programs.