WASHINGTON (Feb. 25, 2014) -- Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno recently returned from a visit to Korea Feb. 23-25.There were three priorities for the visit. First, to meet with his counterpart Gen. Kwon, Oh-Sung, the Republic of Korea Army Chief of Staff and visit the headquarters. The second priority was to receive an assessment on the transition of units and personnel to Camp Humphreys. Finally, the general was to receive an update on the rotational units that are currently deployed to Korea.Meetings with Kwon and his staff were very productive."As a service chief it is essential to establish relationships with your counterparts across the globe, especially with our allies as important as Korea. For more than sixty years our alliance with the Republic of Korea has been critical to maintaining peace and stability in the region," said Odierno. "Soldiers from both countries remain steadfast in their commitment to the mission."Leadership from the 2nd Infantry Division and Installation Management Command provided an assessment on the transformation of Camp Humphreys."This move to Camp Humphreys is an incredible investment of construction and infrastructure for our Soldiers, families and civilians," said Odierno. "The leadership here in Korea has put a lot of hard work and analysis into this project ensuring we get it right to meet mission requirements."Odierno met with the officers, NCOs and Soldiers from the 4th Regiment, 6th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, to receive an update on their deployment to Korea. The squadron is the first unit to conduct a nine-month rotational deployment to Korea."I am very confident that this rotation is a success in improving our readiness across the Army," said Odierno.Odierno completed the trip with a visit to the United States Forces Korea as they conducted Exercise Key Resolve. The exercise brings together both the Republic of Korea and United States service members in order to further achieve integration and synchronization between the two countries militaries."The mission in Korea is incredibly important and I wanted to visit our great young men and women serving our nation to say thank you for their dedication, commitment and service. I am proud of all they do for our country," said Odierno.