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ANSBACH, Germany (Feb. 24, 2014) -- The Ansbach Safety office will resume offering the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, or MSF, courses in March -- weather permitting -- for U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach's military community. The courses are only opened to military personnel with a valid motorcycle license or endorsement.

Soldiers seeking to obtain a motorcycle endorsement to their U.S. Forces in Europe Certificate of License must complete the 4-hour Army in Europe Motorcycle Orientation course and passed a 30-question written motorcycle test administered by Ansbach Driver's Testing and Training Station.

After completing the Army in Europe motorcycle course and passing the written test, Soldiers may register for a MSF rider course on the Army IMCOM Registration System website (https://imc.army.mil/airs/default.aspx). Soldiers should register for courses 30 days prior to the start date. Course registration will close out seven days prior to class start.

The safety office encourages early registration. Early registration will allow the safety staff to increase class to accommodate up to 12 students. However, Soldiers should beware that a minimum of five students are required for a six-student course. Additionally, a minimum of 10 registered students is required to conduct a 12- student course.

The following MSF courses will be offered.

-- The Basic Rider Course, or BRC. This two-day course consists of classroom and hands-on training. The course consists of approximately five hours of classroom and 10 hours of on-cycle instruction. Motorcycles and helmets are provided upon request for use during the course. Following completion of the BRC, riders based on the type of motorcycle owned or operated must complete the Experienced Rider Course, or ERC, and Basic Rider Course 2 or Military Sport Bike Rider Course, or MSRC, and Advance Rider Course, or ARC, within 12 months.

-- The ERC/BRC 2 is tailored towards operators of standard, touring and cruiser motorcycles. Completion of the BRC is a prerequisite for the course.

-- The MSRC/ARC is a one-day course specifically designed for operators of sport bikes. Completion of the BRC is prerequisite for the course.

Military riders must complete a MSF course every 3 years as part of the licensing and vehicle registration program. Additionally, Soldiers must complete motorcycle sustainment training after a three-year period of inactivity, following the purchase of a new motorcycle, or after a change in motorcycles.

Questions regarding motorcycle safety training should be directed to the USAG Ansbach Safety Office at 09811-83-1670 or DSN 468-1670. Questions regarding operator licensing should be directed to Ansbach Driver's Testing and Training Station, 09802-183-3700/3701/3702 or DSN 467-3700/3701/3702. Questions regarding registration should be directed to vehicle registration at 09811-83-7892 or DSN 468-7892.

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