ANSBACH, Germany (March 18, 2014) -- In recent months word has circulated about the Army's Ready and Resilient Campaign, also known as R2C. The campaign is a broad-based effort to leverage change over time that is intended to cause a significant shift in the Army culture, a culture that is ready to respond but is now able to sustain its readiness because it is resilient.

Essential to this shift or change is making all within the culture understand their roles and responsibilities in contributing to readiness and resilience. Decisive for change is the Army's understanding and accepting the linkage between readiness and resilience as it relates to mission accomplishment. This includes informing and educating the force, instilling responsibility and accountability in leaders, and integrating and synchronizing Army programs to improve readiness and resilience. This is the essence of the first phase of the campaign: Awareness.

Over the course of continuous war since 2001, the Army has responded to the needs of the Total Army of Soldiers, Families, civilians and units with various programs as needed. While these programs are effective, they are often stovepiped or redundant. This results in confusion, decreased readiness, and sometimes cynicism regarding the programs. The Ready and Resilient Campaign, while not a program in its own right, is an integration endeavor to synchronize these programs and allow commanders and senior leaders to manage the Army's readiness efficiently and effectively.

Leaders are responsible for unit readiness and for building Soldier resilience. Leaders know their Soldiers, they are involved in their Soldiers' lives, and they build cohesive teams on trust and mutual respect. Leaders work to reduce stigma and make sure their Soldiers get help when they need it. Individuals who have undergone training within the Ready and Resilient spectrum will be better equipped to leverage improved mental, emotional, and physical skills and to overcome adversity. By strengthening themselves they strengthen the units to which they are assigned.

R2C is not just for Soldiers, it's for civilian employees and family members -- the entire Army. In the coming weeks there will be more information about the concepts and practices of a ready and resilient lifestyle. As you encounter the information, take the time to contemplate some lifestyle change and then take part in some of the activities and events that lead to a more ready and resilient culture within our community. Doing so won't just make you stronger, it makes the Army Strong!