To provide more convenient meals for soldiers heading to work, the Honor's café DFAC opened up a window for patrons to easily grab and go, Feb 5.

DFAC improved its "to-go" process to save soldiers time on their way to work after morning PT. Before, all soldiers, those eating inside and those getting their meal to go, had to wait in line inside, and then place their food order. But now the process is much easier and faster.

"I was just about to go inside like usual and I saw the sign for this window," Pvt. Austin Ball said. "It is obviously a much faster way to grab a to-go bag. I really appreciate this window because it gives me more time to get back to my room and prepare for work."

Sgt. 1st Class Angelene Davis, Honor 's café DFAC manager, explained the reason for making a to-go window.

"The main reason was to get soldiers faster for breakfast after PT so that they can have enough time to conduct personal hygiene and have a good quality nutritious meal," Davis said. "The window has been planned for more than a year. The idea for it was mentioned even longer before, and it 's a great opportunity for me to actually complete it."

Here 's how the system works. DFAC personnel make a certain supply of to-go bags with different components including egg sandwiches, breakfast burritos, fruits, granola bars, juice and milk. Soldiers choose one of them, then just grab-and-go. At this time, the service is exclusively offered in the morning for the breakfast meal.