JOINT BASE MEYER-HENDERSON HALL, Va. - As National Capital Region commuters enter the second half of winter, an additional adversary has entered the driving playing field - potholes.

Road potholes on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall can be reported with a simple phone call. According to Keith Gentles at the Directorate of Public Works customer service desk, those spotting a pothole on the joint base should call 703-696-3263, and a work order will be written.

Callers should be prepared to note the location of the pothole (street location and/or closest landmark) and the severity of the pothole. The order will then be sent to the DPW shop, and the road disrepair will be addressed.

While pothole sightings are appreciated, Base Operations and Maintenance Chief Denise Faldowski noted DPW's main endeavor is to proactively search and fill road holes.

"O and M [Operations and Maintenance] tries to address potholes before it gets reported," Faldowski said. "We visually inspect the roads twice a week and repair as needed. If it becomes a work order, then we respond as quickly as possible."

As the number of potholes grows, Arlington County has provided mobile telephone users a convenient way to address road rubble repairs and the sighting of pavement holes. A free, downloadable app is available at to report physical road problems in the county. Web users should then search "pothole" to be taken to the specific link to download the app.

"We just rolled out [the maintenance app] on the county's website," said Myllisa Kennedy, Arlington County Department of Environmental Services communications specialist. "We've deployed this mobile app for road repairs, but downed trees, missing road signs and broken street lamps can also be reported."

Kennedy also said telephone reports of potholes can still be made to the Arlington County call center during business hours at 703-228-6570.

Pothole problems on Virginia state roads such as Glebe Road or Lee Highway can be reported via the Virginia Department of Transportation hotline at 1-800-367-ROAD (7623).