FORT RUCKER, Ala. (February 13, 2014) -- Although football season is officially over, four battalions went head-to-head over the course of three days and fought to be named the Army Sports Program Battalion Football Tournament champion on Fort Rucker.

The 1st Battalion, 145th Aviation Regiment Old Warriors took on 158th Airfield Operations Battalion Guardians during the final game of the tournament Feb. 6 at the Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Center football field, but 1-145th came out on top and took home the trophy as battalion champs, dominating 36-6.

"This really feels awesome. I love playing with these guys and a few of the guys who played with our intramural team are playing with us, so it feels good," said 2nd Lt. Brennan Randel, coach of the 1-145th team, whose intramural team, Waiver Wire, won the post championship in December.

Col. Stuart J. McRae, Fort Rucker garrison commander, and Command Sgt. Maj. Buford E. Noland, Fort Rucker command sergeant major, were both on hand to see the last legs of the game as well as hand out trophies to both teams.

"Congratulations to you guys for having dominated to this point, and the participation is good for the installation and good for the Army," he said. "Just being out here in the cold weather, I've got to give hats off to you guys -- well done. There was a lot of good competition in the football games we've had here."

The Old Warriors dominated throughout most of the game with Randel, who is also the quarterback, running in multiple touchdowns. His speed, coupled with his team's strong defensive capability, allowed them to get through most of what the Guardians threw at them.

The 1-145th started off strong as they took possession to start, and were able to push past their opponent's defense and score early in the first half.

The Guardian's defense couldn't seem to hold off their opponents and their offense couldn't break the Old Warriors' lines.

The Old Warriors, however, were able to find all the gaps in their opponent's defense, scoring their second touchdown and extra point with just six minutes left in the first half.

The 158th AOB seemed to step up their game as the clock wound down with a 25-yard pass to get closer to the opposing end zone. As things seemed to look up for the Guardians, an interception turned the tide once again as the Old Warriors took possession.

Within just a few short plays, the 1-145th managed a 20-yard pass for their third touchdown.

The Guardians didn't have much time to get on the scoreboard before the half ended, and try as they might, couldn't break through their opponent's defense and turned the ball over with 15 seconds remaining in the half.

Not wasting a second, the Old Warriors quarterback, Randel, unable to find a receiver to throw to, ran the ball with no time left on the clock for his team's fourth touchdown to end the half up 28-0

The Guardians had some advantage going into the second half as they received to start, and took full advantage of the opportunity with a 35-yard pass to get within five yards of the goal line. Shortly after, they managed their first touchdown to get on the scoreboard, but failed at the extra point with an attempted two-point conversion.

Not to be outdone, the Old Warriors came back with a 35-yard run by Staff Sgt. Ernest Beasley, followed by a 25-yard pass to Trexler Jaison for another touchdown and 2-point conversion, ending the game 36-6.