CAMP HUMPHREYS -- "Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? Say, who are the people in your neighborhood? The people that you meet each day."

That familiar television jingle from years gone by and the meaning behind it are helping members of the Garrison?'s Youth Center and personnel assigned to the Humphreys Garrison Public Affairs Office come together to tell the community more about the ?"people in your neighborhood."

To do this, community youth are partnering with television production specialist assigned to garrison's Public Affairs office to produce Youth Center Television, or YCTV, a 30-minute monthly television show developed to highlight youth-related events and activities within the Camp Humphreys military community. The cast and crew of the show consists primarily of community youth volunteers and local university interns.

The premier episode of YCTV aired beginning Feb. 1, and can be viewed on the Garrison?'s Command Channel, which is available to anyone who has on-post cable TV or at various establishments around the garrison, such as the Exchange Food Court, Community Activity Center and the Humphreys Community Fitness Center. The show can also be viewed online at

"YCTV is an opportunity to involve the youth with the community in an ongoing project, providing fresh material for people to watch on the Command Channel," said Edward N. Johnson, the Humphreys Garrison public affairs officer. "Plus, the youth involved are learning some valuable skills, like video editing, sound production, script writing and TV studio operations."

Each monthly episode consists of a variety of segments on topics related to technology, career planning, education, fitness and entertainment. These include segments named Career Corner, Game On!, Lingo Swap, Tech Tips, Youth of the Month and more.

"YCTV has been a great opportunity for the teen volunteers to develop skills in various fields of technology and television production," said Jared Barrick, Youth Services director. "The youth seem to learn something new every production meeting and the members and interns of the PAO office have been extremely patient and eager to help the youth succeed."

Barrick added that the program is not only a great marketing tool for awareness of Camp Humphreys Youth Center activities, but it has proven to be a great career building, skill development and fun project for CYSS teens to take part in.

"Being the host of YCTV has been the most amazing experience in Korea that I've had," said Jewel-Beth Basham, a junior at Humphreys Middle/High School. "The cast and crew have become like a second family to me. I am so happy the first episode is out and I cannot wait to continue the show with these amazing people working so hard. I feel like this show has already attracted a numerous amount of youth to the Teen Center. I'm honored to be involved and so thankful the Garrison has provided us with this opportunity."

Sophomore Kate Caberte echoes Basham?'s sentiments.

"Being part of YCTV gives you a great advantage," Caberte said. "The heart and core that brings YCTV to life is a group teens who dedicate themselves to accomplishing the show each month. As time passes, those involved gain experience about the work force and become accustomed to deadlines, expectations, working towards perfection etc. Being a member of the YCTV staff opens up new adventures and opportunities to explore."

Community youth interested in joining the YCTV cast and crew should contact the Youth Center, at 753-5614.