DAYTON, Ohio (Feb. 11, 2014) -- I clearly remember the day I was given command. The trust and responsibility given to me at that moment is clearly defined in AR 600-20. This Army Regulation gives me the privilege of command. It defines my duties and responsibilities as a commander to maintain respect and discipline, account for the welfare of Soldiers under my command, as well as their families, and remain an effective and mission-ready part of the Army.AR 600-20 is a commander's leadership guide. Within its pages are contained defined duties and responsibilities for each commander. Each commander is to execute their role and responsibilities with the intention to provide purpose, direction and motivation to the force. As I have observed previous commanders, I have come to realize the importance of this regulation. Without thinking where it came from, I have implemented actions and decisions learned from observing other commanders before me. However, as I have taken the time to delve into the pages of AR 600-20, the realization of the origin of said decisions originated from this Army Regulation.It is essential that each unit member can perform their tasks without fear, intimidation or abuse. Respect and discipline are required from each member in order to be mission-ready. These basic human needs apply to the Soldier and their family members.As a commander, I have the greatest responsibility of assuring that each one is given an equal opportunity to working in a safe environment along with others who value respect, discipline, and have the personal courage to strive toward a balanced work environment toward each member and their families.The family of each Soldier is part of a commander's responsibilities. AR 600-20 provides guidelines on how to implement programs to provide support to the Soldiers by caring for their families. When the Soldier knows their family is cared for, positive morale will motivate him or her to perform better and be a part of the unit cohesion. Families are a part of that unit cohesion.The United States Army is a professional organization in which rules and regulations are required and implemented to maintain order and discipline; to assure and protect harmony; to drive, motivate, and educate; to prevent and deter abuse or violations of a personal, physical, or mental nature; to protect personal safety; to promote unit cohesion and mission-readiness; and to value the person and recognize the accomplishments of each. It is my privilege to belong to such organization and to have been entrusted with the responsibilities found within the pages of AR 600-20. I strive, daily, to meet that challenge with great honor.