GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- Too shy to ask someone out for Valentine's Day? Consider going out on a blind date instead … with a book.

Various novels disguised in brown paper line the shelves at the Tower Barracks Library, each with a simple label including inspirational, literary, truthful, mystery, and of course, romantic, just in time for the fanciful holiday.

Throughout the month of February patrons can check out a book, sight unseen and escort it to their favorite reading spot.

"This gives our readers a chance to introduce themselves to an author or genre they might not otherwise pick," said Joann Ogreenc, public services librarian at the Tower Barracks Library. "It's a way to broaden your literary horizon."

And Ogreenc is quite the matchmaker.

She chose books that go beyond the mainstream. These novels may not have made the bestseller list, but they are still worth the read.

"These are books you may have missed the first time around," said Ogreenc. "Who knows, readers may find the book of their dreams."

If for some reason you don't like the book you choose, remember, it's still the cheapest date you'll have this year.