Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command is working hard preparing for the future by reshaping itself to be more relevant and cost effective in supporting the Warfighter of 2015 and beyond.

The latest change within this effort is the establishment of the SDDC Internal Audit office.

The office, part of the command?'s Special Staff, comprises Bill Boehm, chief of Internal Audit; Laura Knebel, senior auditor; and Patti Wingreen, audit technician; and is located in the G5 Plans section at the SDDC?'s Headquarters Building. Boehm and Knebel came to SDDC from the Army Audit Agency in St. Louis and Wingreen?'s last assignment was with the Army Aviation Logistics School at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va.

According to William Budden, SDDC deputy to the commander, the command created this office because leadership recognizes and supports the use of auditing as an important element of process and financial internal control systems.

?"We?'re here to provide objective, reliable and timely analysis so that management and those charged with oversight can use the information we provide to improve program performance, reduce costs and facilitate decision making," Boehm said.

As SDDC internal auditors, they see themselves as partners with the programs they audit. They also see their role as helping to prevent, detect and solve issues.

Over the course of the next year, the audit office?'s intent will be to focus on business processes within the headquarters. Beyond that, they?'ll look to make their services more readily available to partners in the field.

Knebel said she?'s excited to begin building the office from the ground up.

?"Once our infrastructure is in place," she said, ?"we?'re going to be working hard to establish solid, trusting relationships with our partners in order to understand their business and have the ability to accurately convey their needs."

In addition to performing audits and providing consulting and advisory services, the office will serve as the command?'s focal point to provide external audit agency coordination, to assist the command in responding to audit report recommendations, and to track the implementation status of recommendations previously accepted.

SDDC has long had an Internal Review office which is mutually exclusive to the new Internal Audit office. IR is also part of the command?'s Special Staff focusing specifically on the Managers?' Internal Control Program and audit readiness.