FORT STEWART, Ga. -- More than 30 Soldiers from various 3rd Infantry Division units completed the Master Resilience Trainers course here, February 7, 2014. The core of the MRT course teaches Soldiers, Family members and Army civilians the mental and emotional skills to strengthen their minds and perform at their best when it matters the most: in combat, healing after an injury or managing home and work life. The Soldiers completing this course will serve as commanders' advisors for resilience training after graduating.
Resiliency training is provided at every major level of the Army education system, all the way from Basic Combat Training to the War College. This training is designed to aid Soldiers in better coping with adversity, performing better in stressful situations and thriving in life.
Sgt. 1st Class Kareem Yates, a platoon sergeant with the 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team is enthusiastic about taking the knowledge and experience gained from the course back to his units. Not only will he utilize these skills as a trainer for his company, he believes he will be able to better serve the more than 30 Soldiers within his platoon by being able to better assess and assist during times of change.
Reflecting upon his time as a drill sergeant and the performance problems that new recruits faced at the range, Yates said, "A skill that the MRT guys used was imagery -- where Soldiers would close their eyes and pictures themselves on the range going through the steps of fixing a malfunction or acquiring a target -- this got them in the mindset of positive thinking"
Sgt. 1st Class Dana Fischl, a band platoon sergeant in the Division Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion opened up about the difference this training could have made in preparing her family for her most recent deployment. "These skills could have really helped me to objectively assess the situation as my Family and I prepared for my most recent deployment." She continued to saying that the tools provided by MRT help people to think more clearly and be a more well-rounded team."
One unanimous piece of advice that students of the course had to offer was that unit Family Readiness Groups should take advantage of the training offered through this program as the skills acquired by this training not only apply to Soldiers but to Families as Army civilians as well. For more information, contact the Fort Stewart Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Center at (912) -767-4479 or Sgt. 1st Class Damien McCombs at (912) -- 767-6935.