ADELPHI, Md. (Feb. 10, 2014) -- The U.S. Army Research Laboratory, or ARL, and the University of Maryland Baltimore County, or UMBC, signed a research and education partnership agreement during a ceremony held at the university's administration building on Jan. 14.The agreement supports the establishment and implementation of activities and programs that stimulate science, mathematics, engineering and technology education. In the agreement, ARL encourages students to select and continue their education in the fields of SME&T to increase the technical talent base available to ARL's research and development efforts.About a dozen people attended the ceremony where Dr. Thomas Russell, director of ARL and Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III, president of UMBC, formally signed the agreement."We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with the Army Research Laboratory," said Hrabowski. "These new initiatives will benefit not only our students and faculty, but also the State of Maryland and the nation, as we work to build a more highly skilled workforce."Dr. Vallen Emery, program manager for ARL's Outreach Program Office, will work with the university to identify the appropriate ARL personnel and university faculty and students for the program."I am very excited about the opportunity to work with the staff and students of UMBC as we build the EPA [education partnership agreement] with hopes of enhancing our research capabilities within ARL's labs and those at the university," said Emery.Russell looks at this partnership as an opportunity to stimulate growth in the science and technology fields and to help build ARL into a 'premier research institution.'"My vision since arriving at ARL has been to open up our laboratories and to create a more open campus feel," said Russell. "This partnership will give university students who have a strong interest in science, mathematics, engineering and technology the chance to be mentored by our researchers and give them the opportunity to develop their skills. This is a great opportunity for them and for our researchers."----- In the agreement, ARL agrees: • To collaborate with UMBC on SME&T programs of mutual interest, to include identifying areas of priority interest and potential sources of funding. • To involve university students in research at ARL laboratories and facilities through student intern and cooperative education programs. • To identify and develop, in partnership with UMBC, specific areas of research where university students can obtain academic credits for work on research projects at ARL laboratories and where possible to provide thesis and dissertation topics and committee members for Master's and Doctoral candidates. • To enhance academic achievement by involving ARL personnel, in particular as adjunct faculty, in activities such as mentoring students; assisting in the development and teaching of courses in science, mathematics, engineering and technology; review course materials; providing instruction on special subjects in science, mathematics, engineering and technology; and illustrating DoD applications of science, mathematics, engineering and technology principles through visiting lectures and site visits to ARL facilities. • To involve the faculty of the UMBC through participation in programs such as the ARL summer faculty/sabbatical leave program and by utilizing the Interagency Personnel Act for assignments to ARL labs and facilities. • To enhance the UMBC research infrastructure and capabilities by loaning or considering purchasing research equipment and/or facilitating transfer or surplus equipment to the university. • To enhance UMBC research efforts by facilitating the use of ARL facilities to conduct research of interest to ARL.UMBC agrees: • To participate in ARL science, mathematics, engineering and technology research and education programs through the timely submission of proposals and by providing qualified faculty to participate on advisory and review panels. • To understand the research areas of interest to ARL and identify science, mathematics, engineering and technology areas that are complementary with the expertise of university faculty, including areas of research where UMBC students can obtain academic credit. • To promote and facilitate access to undergraduate/graduate students for the purpose of disseminating information regarding student employment opportunities within ARL. • To provide qualified graduate and undergraduate students with incentives to participate in ARL sponsored research, and where possible, provide opportunities for ARL scientists to provide thesis and dissertation topics and participate as committee members. • To invite science, mathematics, engineering and technology personnel to be adjunct professors as appropriate. Identify topics appropriate for involvement of personnel in developing, revising, and/or teaching existing and potential courses. Provide appropriate facilities and equipment for lectures and seminars delivered on-site or through teleconferencing and telecommunications technologies as available. • To provide faculty institutional support and incentives to participate in ARL-sponsored research and training by developing mechanisms that will allow university officials to consider participation in the program positively. • To maintain proper records and accountability for funds provided to the university in support of this agreement and property loaned to the university. • To identify UMBC research efforts that support ARL's mission that can be jointly performed with scientists at ARL and UMBC facilitie