FORT SILL, Okla. (Feb. 6, 2014) -- The 168th Brigade Support Battalion fulfilled its quarterly maintenance mission with the completion of Operation Fix-it Jan. 31.

The weeklong operation was the battalion's way of keeping ahead in an up-tempo operational environment that required diligence to maintain mission readiness.

The 168th BSB's quarterly operation brought all ranks together, from the battalion commander down to the newest private out of Advanced Individual Training, to focus on the upkeep and maintenance of the brigade's equipment, with a special emphasis on vehicles.

However, this quarter's operation also gave special attention to other maintenance aspects that unit's need for proper function.

One of these special areas was the battalion unit ministry team's Operation Spiritual Fix-it prayer breakfast. There, Soldiers from across the battalion met early Jan. 30, to eat breakfast and discuss ways to maintain resiliency and spiritual fitness, key ingredients in a Soldier's overall readiness.

Chaplain (Capt.) Tanya Bindernagel led the Soldiers in hymns. She then talked about the philosophical and spiritual building blocks that promote healthy mindsets and attitudes that help maintain happiness and mental clarity even in stressful environments and times. Participants were asked to evaluate their basic ways of thinking about life and its overarching themes; and to compare with ways they maintain their vehicles and other equipment.

By bringing the battalion together to focus on the maintenance of vehicles, tents and equipment for one week every quarter, the 168th BSB stays ahead of the seemingly daunting amount of maintenance and work that is required to keep the 214th Fires Brigade ready to roll.

Then by also recognizing the importance of resiliency, spiritual fitness, as well as the proper mindset and understanding of the mission's goals, importance and required diligence, the "Make it Happen" battalion lived up to its motto and the Soldier's Creed of always maintaining one's arms, equipment and self.