YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- The Yongsan School Age Center hosted a job fair for people looking for a position with the Yongsan Child Youth and School Services, Jan 28.

Approximately 30 community members visited the SAC building searching for a job. CYSS currently needs Child & Youth Program Assistants for the CDC, an All Child & Youth Program Assistant, Program Associate, and Outdoor Maintenance and custodial Worker. Claudette Mohn, Child Youth and School Services coordinator, explained the event 's purpose.

"We are holding a job fair event exclusively for Child Youth and School Services. Our goal is to hire more program assistants so we can meet the needs of the community with regard to supporting full day care, preschool and some of our supplemental programs and services," Mohn said. "We typically hold a job fair at least once a year, primarily when we have numerous vacancies, or when we see a large turnover of the community families. We are hoping to find someone who is creative, energetic and passionate to work with children."

The first step involved applicants listing their biographic information on the qualification paper. Then they had the opportunity to be interviewed on the spot, and experience the job they wanted to apply for. CYSS personnel were on hand to answer questions and help search for potential future coworkers.

A separate area was reserved for members of the CYSS Human Resources team to help the job hunters finalize their applications. . Jerry Gordon, a military spouse, visited the job fair and expressed his thoughts about the overall process that the event offered.

"I actually didn 't expect it (the job fair) to be so thorough and applicant-friendly," Gordon said. "They (CYSS staff) helped me out, from the beginning to the end. I came to see what they had to offer in childcare services and I 'm leaving here with more than I expected. I had more than enough to make an informed decision, so I 'm glad I was here."