FORT HOOD, Texas - A second group of Soldiers from the 55th Sustainment Brigade returned to the United States Jan. 17 after a six-month deployment to Afghanistan.

"I am extremely happy to be home," said Staff Sgt. James Kring, who was serving with the 55th from the 424th Transportation Company, Galax, Va.

This was the first deployment for Sgt. Cedrick Washington, a native of Woodbridge, Va.

"Afghanistan showed me a lot, like how we take things for granted; the simple stuff," said Washington.

Washington did more than just his military occupation as a human resources specialist. He was served on a personal security detail.

"It was a change of pace from sitting in the office all day," said Washington.

Capt. Stephen Roberts, the unit chaplain, was excited to get home to his nine-month-old son, Seth.

Roberts said that for a chaplain, the mission never ends.

"Ultimately my responsibility was making sure they all were mentally and spiritually equipped for the fight, and by God's grace I was able to do that well," he said.