Maj. Gen. Clarence K. K. Chinn, the rear detachment commander of XVIII Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, N.C., visited the 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Jan. 23 at Harris Hall.Chinn, who visited the Sustainers as part of an orientation to the 3d ESC, received a brief on the personnel, equipment, infrastructure and rear detachment operations of the 3d ESC, as well as its capabilities in support of XVIII Airborne Corps during the 3d ESC's upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.During the brief, Chinn said the focus of the Sustainers during the future deployment would be coordinating and moving equipment in support of base closures. Chinn said it was also important for the 3d ESC to establish relationships with reserve components post the deployment to provide mentorship and continuity of training for future operations.?"As we continue to (downsize) the reserve components will have less and less interaction in Afghanistan," said Chinn."What the reserves are looking for is to establish some mutual relationships. It?'s really the mentorship piece; you all will have experiences that they?'re just not going to get."Chinn also highlighted the importance of rear detachment operations."It's really about the families and taking care of them," said Chinn. "You've got to answer all the questions from the family, try to take care of them and resolve their issues so they don?'t become problems.Chinn said he thinks the 3d ESC will do well during deployment and that the 3d ESC is deploying at a critical time."I think you guys will do exceptionally well while deployed, there's no doubt about it," said Chinn."Everyone always says you're going at the most critical time - this time it really is the most critical time. There?'s a lot of money involved in the equipment we have there (and) at the same time we have the mission to help with the peaceful transition. You?'ll make a huge difference not only for our Nation and for our Army, but for Afghanistan."